Little is known about the elusive past of the one who calls himself SILAS, but much is suspected. Emerging from the streets of LA in 2011 with a handful of encrypted sonic relics, SILAS began the spread of his dominion last fall, touring the nation under the watchful guardianship of 3OH!3. Having then been courted by the overlords of the music empire to remix a smattering of artists such as Itch, The Ready Set, and The Summer Set, as well as collaborating on a track with 3OH!3 for their latest album, OMENS, SILAS spawned his next batch of sinister hymns, THE OFFERINGS EP.

With THE OFFERINGS EP, and several new remixes, slated for a summer 2013 release, what truths shall surface from the shadows of  SILAS’ realm is the ringing chant on the lips of his ever-growing assemblage.